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Shift Happens!

You are not being invited to give a lecture or conduct some kind of workshop. You are invited as a guest to share your thoughts, wisdom and experiences with your peers.

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We are experiencing a very challenging moment of our humanity development. We are probably facing a crisis of civilization. As one world rapidly declines another is being born. To help this new world to be born from the ashes we must do whatever we can to fulfill our duty in being better humans seeking for a better humanity in harmony with nature and our homeland Planet.

We invite you to join us in a special gathering of people like you that acknowledges the crises and have been working for many years for the construction of a better human being – responsible, committed, conscious and collaborative.

We have chosen Brazil because of the urgent need of consciousness regarding almost everything from economy, ecology, education, politics health security and even religion. We have huge scandals on all these fields. Amazing level of corruption, deforestation, sex abuse, murder of activists, violent discrimination, poisoning food, polluting and killing rivers and much more.

Although Brazil is a beautiful country with plenty of marvelous achievements, we are in a turning point that can go very wrong, not only for Brazil, but with consequences for the entire world. So we are calling for an encounter that can shift the direction of what seems as a very dangerous path to a much safer one. As Joseph Campbell would say: Answer the CALL for this Adventure!

Brazil just withdrew from hosting COP 25. This is a clear message that Climate Change will not matter for the Brazilian government. What will be the consequences of this narrow and misleading view? So we will host our meeting in September, build a very strong statement to take to Chile in November on the COP 25.

We will produce together a civilization path to enlightenment, culture of peace, systemic learning and love.

Answer the Call!

Follow your Bliss!

Come to Brazil for a 7 days journey.

We are in a process of building the agenda. This is our first draft:

Arriving the 3th of September for a gathering and a welcome dinner, the 4th will be a day to meet peers in there communities. Each group (2 or 3) will select (previously) a place in the morning where they will be having generative conversations with that particular group. On the end of the afternoon we will meet all together for a public talk.

On the 7th we will Occupy São Paulo visiting the most important projects with clear results for a better world. We will divide the group by personal interests. On each group will be someone from the host team to document the encounter.

The 8th and 9th will be a retreat in a pleasant place with generous nature and nurture.

The 10th is the departure day with the possibility of visiting any particular place or person. The host team will make all the arrangements.

Most of the time we go to a two or three days event and we don’t have the chance to let synchronicity play its role. We are so busy with the short time we have that we don’t go with the flow. This journey is designed to let open spaces to be filled up with what comes up.

You are not being invited to give a lecture or conduct some kind of workshop. You are invited as a guest to share your thoughts, wisdom and experiences with your peers.

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